Our story

In 2009: the United Nations’ Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) launched a social project in Nairobi. Named Artisan Fashion, it coordinated production for the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Adidas, and Stella McCartney with marginalised communities in East Africa.

By 2015: Artisan Fashion evolved into an independent social enterprise. From our home in Kenya, we have continued to produce and reliably deliver for brands right across the world. From Chan Luu in Los Angeles to United Arrows in Tokyo. And most importantly, as we do this, we have been creating: employment opportunities and economic development.

In 2021: we entered a Public Private Partnership with the EFI and a collaboration with La Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana for the co-creation of an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Due Diligence System. As Artisan Fashion, we are the first producer in Africa to adopt this ESG Due Diligence System,

More recently: motivated by a desire to further our sustainable mission, we have started working with the 140,000 tonnes of second-hand clothing that enters Kenya every year.

And now: with the experience and expertise gained from over 12-years of working in sustainable fashion, we are launching Converte World Limited – the world’s first brand to offer collections made exclusively with second-hand clothing.

What do we do?

Our circular production model uses discarded clothes as raw materials to design and make identifiable and desirable new ones. By redirecting waste back into the economy, we are reducing the energy and resource cost per garment.

How do we do it?

We are reconfiguring fashion’s value chain. We are using our 12-year track record and 18,000 ft2 production facility to deconstruct and reconstruct discarded clothes at affordable production costs.

Where are we?

Nairobi, home to one of the biggest second-hand clothing markets in the world. And Africa, home to some of the most creative talent in the world.

And why are we doing it?

Yes, fashion is broken. But we don’t want to put an end to it. Instead, by dismantling fashion’s linear economy and reassembling it into a circular model: we are creating value for our planet and our people. And giving customers what they want: an affordable and accessible brand that they can wear consciously.

The team

Robin MacAndrew

Managing Director

A Kenya-based entrepreneur, Robin uses business to change lives and solve social and environmental issues – the end goal being to enhance human well-being. Robin brings international corporate experience and local knowledge to envisioning, launching and managing businesses that generate positive social and environmental impact.

Jennifer Faust

Business Developer

Jennifer is the Founder of Faust Global Partners, an international advisory firm that provides strategic counsel on private equity, international development finance, institutional marketing and impact investing. She also serves as a Managing Director with Bankers without Boundaries, a not-for-profit finance innovation organization to assist high impact projects for social good.

Allison Turnley


With over 20-years working across the fashion industry, Allison has a deep understanding of the demands placed upon our environment and social structures. The innovator behind the Converte concept, Allison recognised a significant opportunity to create a new brand that changes how we dress the world.

Riccardo Braccialini

Strategic Advisor

Riccardo has over 40-years of experience in the fashion industry. Starting his career in Braccialini, the family owned manufacturing company, he has served on the Board of Directors of Confindustria, Assopellettieri, Mipel and ELGA. He has led over 30 humanitarian trips to relief camps in war zones and, as a UN consultant, he currently advocates for fashion as a source for good.

Ludovica d’Andria

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Margaret Munene

Finance and Human Resource Coordinator

Tassia Butlin

Production Coordinator

Godfrey Wanyama

Pre Production Manager

Violet Njoki

Pre Production Assistant Manager

John Okello

Production Floor Manager

Peter Sajero

Head of Cutting and Stitching

Joan Ndetei

Head of Preparation and Stitching



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