We are offering a unique opportunity for an impact-oriented investor to: join a company with 12-years of sustainable fashion experience as we are launching fashion’s first brand of redesigned and upcycled apparel produced in Africa.

We already make bags, accessories and apparel for some of the most recognisable brands in the world. Now, we are raising seed capital to pioneer a new upcycling brand with a circular value chain designed for three sources of profit:

  • Environmental – to reduce the environmental footprint of fashion
  • Social – to create employment opportunities and economic development by carefully selecting manufacturing countries
  • Financial – to use the industry’s waste as our raw material and therefore reduce costs and improve margins

To invest with us is to act decisively. You will be making sustainable fashion available for the millions of us that are craving it.

The ask

Multinational brands are working on their own sustainability initiatives and they will eventually supplement their traditional linear economies with more sustainable options.

How to beat them? Speed. We’re agile, able and read-to-go.

We are seeking USD 340k from an aligned investor that feels our same sense of urgency: by June 30th 2022. You are investing in a single entity. One that makes investing in fashion’s sustainability Sector super simple. Whilst Artisan Fashion continues to make bags, accessories and apparel for brands across the world: your seed capital is going to be invested into achieving minimal viable product for Converte.



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