Our ground breaking approach

Government offices and policy makers continually wrestle with the second-hand clothing (“mitumba”) agenda. The Kenyan Government’s desire to double the manufacturing sector’s contribution to GDP by 2030, has led to calls for the prohibition of the importation of second-hand clothing.

Under this prevailing perspective, its importation is presumed to stifle manufacturing. However, with over 1 million Kenyan livelihoods linked to the mitumba sector, its prohibition would be a cost that the country could ill afford.

Converte offers an alternative perspective and, where used apparel is a raw material as in the context of our innovative value chain, second-hand clothing can offer manufacturing opportunities and economic development.

Over 140,000 tonnes of used clothes are imported to Kenya each year, mainly from Europe, the US and Canada. That is the equivalent of 6,000 40ft shipping containers of textiles per year.



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