Upcycling promises to transform the economy in ways that benefit companies, consumers, and the environment alike. Instead of defaulting to the “take-make-waste” economic model: upcycling helps to support the development of a circular economy. Materials that are already in circulation get continually reused and repurposed, helping to reduce manufacturing costs and preserve precious environmental resources.

Converte redesigns and produces upcycled clothing at affordable prices. We are entering fashion’s fastest growing sector like no other brand. As one of a kind. With clothing that appeals to all.

The concept: cut, combine and reuse

Our circular production model uses discarded clothes as raw materials to design and make identifiable and desirable new ones. By redirecting waste back into the economy, we are reducing the energy and resource cost per garment.

The plan: trial, refine and optimise

We have spent the last couple of years: identifying suppliers, exploring materials, brainstorming designs, making patterns, and refining production processes.

We have a Memorandum of Understanding with our chosen supplier of post-consumer waste and relationships with brands wanting to discard their post-industrial waste. We are connecting with pop-up stores in UK to sell our first product and gather market feedback. From supply – though production – to sale: we already have the full value chain.

Currently we are seeking seed capital for minimum viable product:

  • to standardise practices and processes to fully integrate and optimise Converte’s circular value chain
  • to systemise the operations with which we will launch the world’s first line of 100% redesigned and upcycled clothing collections at scale 
  • and to record and report on all areas around ESG performance.



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