Artisanal craft

Africa is a continent bursting with local skills and materials.

We offer international designers a vibrant environment to explore local materials and collaborate with local artisans. We have a 12 year track record of quality of product and delivery for international brands and professional management of all trade processes.

We draw on the wide range of local virgin and recycled materials and in certain cases we are able to source from customers’ end-of-line stock.

Our canvas is weaved locally with East African farmed cotton. Our cow and goat leathers are from Ethiopia and Kenya. We use traditional African fabrics such as Kitenge, Kikoi, Shuka and textiles from West Africa. Our palm and sisal weavers support local farmers mostly located in the Tsavo region.

We recycle brass, aluminium, bone, horn, glass and inner tube to recast as artefacts and hardware. We use recycled fabrics from the local second hand market and dhow sail from the cost of Kenya.